Our Story

  • 1929

    Lakshmi Bottle Store

    Ultra’s roots date back to 1929, when Mr. Prahalad Roy Sanganeria and Mrs. Radha Devi Sanganeria (father and mother of Mr. Sant Sanganeria & grandfather and grandmother of Mr. Ravi Sanganeria – pictured) started perfumery compounding, and selling raw materials as LAKSHMI BOTTLE STORES

  • 1969

    Radha Sales Corporation

    Mr Sant Sanganeria established RADHA SALES CORPORATION, importing and trading essential oils and aroma chemicals

  • 1977

    Founding of IFEAT

    Mr Sant Sanganeria was a founder member and previous Chairman of IFEAT (1993-1995). His son, Ravi Sanganeria now sits on the IFEAT Executive Committee and plays a lead role with the annual conferences and study tours.

  • 1985

    Key personnel join

    Ms Bhuvana Nageshwaren and Mr Prasenjit Mazumdar join Ultra International. Two leading figures who still play an instrumental part of everyday business. Ms Nageshwaren heads our Technical & Creative team as ‘Director F&F’ whilst Mr Mazumdar is our ‘Marketing Director’ for India and the Group ‘General Manager’.

  • 1987

    Ultra International Ltd

    ULTRA INTERNATIONAL LTD was established by Sant & Asha Sanganeria in Sahibabad to manufacture essential oils, aroma chemicals, fragrances and flavours at a purpose-built factory.

  • 1989

    ICEOFF (’89)

    Instrumental in organizing the 11th ICEOFF (’89) Congress in New Delhi with a record 1,200 delegates attending the event.

  • 1992

    ICEOFF (’92)

    Mr. Sant Sanganeria became the Chairman of IFEAT at the Vienna ICEOFF’92 Congress.

  • 2000

    Mr Ravi Sanganeria joins

    Mr Ravi Sanganeria joins the business as Director for International Business Development. Today Ravi is Managing Director of Ultra Intl’ B.V., Ultra Intl’ Inc. & Ultra Intl’ Far East Pte Ltd.

  • 2003

    Sanganeria Foundation for Health & Education (SFHE)

    The SANGANERIA FOUNDATION FOR HEALTH & EDUCATION was established as a non-profit organisation focusing on improving the lives of millions of children and elderly citizens in India.

  • 2004

    New Delhi Creative Centre Opens

    Ultra opens a new 35,000 sq feet Creative Centre for the development of flavours and fragrances across India and Asia.

  • 2006

    P.T. Van Aroma

    Ultra in a partnership establish P.T. VAN AROMA in Padang, Indonesia for the processing of local essential oils.
    Today Van Aroma is one of the largest exporters of patchouli oil, clove oil and other native Indonesian naturals and their derivatives.

  • 2007


    Two years after Ultra India established a trading office in Holland, ULTRA INTERNATIONAL B.V. was established to distribute essential oils to the European and North American markets.

  • 2009

    SAP Implemented

    Implemented SAP across the business.

  • 2010

    Mrs Priyamvada Sanganeria joins

    Mrs Priya Sanganeria joins as Executive Director across the Ultra Group of companies.

  • 2011

    New Delhi Production Facility Opens

    Ultra opens a new production facility in New Delhi with Fricke Automatic Dosing and Dispensing Systems for the compounding of flavours and fragrances. Arguably one of the best and most modern facilities across India and Asia.

  • 2013

    Ultra International (Far East) Pte Ltd

    Ultra establish ULTRA INTERNATIONAL (FAR EAST) PTE LTD in Singapore as part of the group’s expansion into SE Asia. Warehouses in Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (Vic) & Perth (WA), Australia also open.

  • 2014

    Mr Colin Ringleib joins

    Mr Colin Ringleib joins Ultra B.V. as Vice President for the Americas. Given his vast experience Colin acts as the group’s global ambassador for new business development.

  • 2015

    Ultra International Inc

    Ultra establish ULTRA INTERNATIONAL INC. in New Jersey, USA as part of the group’s expansion into the North American market. 
    ULTRA INTERNATIONAL B.V. celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

  • 2016


    P.T. VAN AROMA celebrate their 10th year with the opening of a significant expansion at their Jakarta facility.

  • 2016

    IFEAT Founder’s Award

    With great honour, our Chairman, Mr Sant Sanganeria is presented with the 2016 IFEAT Founder’s Award during the Dubai annual conference.

  • 2016

    Golden Grove Naturals

    Ultra in a partnership established Golden Grove Naturals (GGN) in Australia, for the processing of Australian Naturals. Today GGN is one of  the largest exporters of Tea Tree Oil.

  • 2016

    Lisa Piccininni joins

    Lisa Piccininni joins Ultra Inc as General Manager. Drawing on her extensive experience in the industry Lisa will be responsible for developing our growing business in the Americas.

  • 2018

    Supercritical Fluid Extraction (CO2)

    Started operation and productive CO2 Extraction production