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Vegetable oils form the core of aromatherapy treatments. These oils are extracted from plant kernels, seeds or nuts. Vegetable oils work as a dilution agent. They are added to essential oils to reduce their potency and make them skin friendly. They also possess therapeutic properties.
Two methods are primarily used for the extraction of vegetable oils – cold pressed and refined. When plant materials are pressed manually to extract oils, it is referred to as cold pressed. Cold pressed oils generally possess a stronger aroma. Meanwhile, refined oils remove any plant materials that may have remained during the initial extraction. Refined oils are generally preferred for skincare products.

Cold Pressed or Refined, Choices Aplenty

Organic Jojoba OilOrganic Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil

£29.00 (1 KG)
Non greasy, lubricator with great skin absorption qualities, Organic Jojoba Oil is extremely popular in the cosmetic industry. It can be applied directly on the skin. It also forms the core of numerous hair and skincare products. It can even smoothly blend other essential and carrier oils. The process of cold pressing is utilised to extract this organic oil.  
Coconut Oil - FractionatedCoconut Oil - Fractionated

Coconut Oil - Fractionated

£17.80 (1 KG)
Fractionated Coconut Oil botanically known as Cocos nucifera is transparent, odourless, absorbent and light carrier oil that will help to increase essential oil distribution. General: Fractionated Coconut Oil, a very light emollient that softens and hydrates dry skin. The light texture absorbs easily onto skin and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth being greasy or blocking pores. Fractionated Coconut Oil should be used when applying strong essential oils topically to help reduce skin sensitivity. Spa: For use when soft, light texture is required Product Manufacturers: It is also a popular component in haircare and skincare for dry skin conditions. Food and Drink: A relatively healthy vegetable oil without the nutty aroma often given by other types.
Calendula OilCalendula Oil

Calendula Oil

£12.56 (1 KG)
Calendula oil (Calendula officinalis) is extracted by maceration of Marigold flower heads and infusion in another carrier base such as sunflower, sesame or jojoba. Originating in the Mediterranean its bright yellow to orange flowers are seen blooming in gardens and in the wild all over the world. It is one herbal remedy that has come down through the ages as being an oil packed with molecules useful for topical application. In Hindu culture, marigold flowers are used to adorn places of worship and in garlands. General: The calendula/marigold has many uses in skincare, health and wellbeing and in medical salves. The oil is rich and deep orange in colour with powerful anti-oxidant and antimicrobial properties. Food and Drinks: In teas for soothing and relieving swelling, Calendula teas are also useful for soothing allergic reactions both topically and internal; the fresh petals can be added to salads giving a fresh peppery taste. Spa: This is a powerful skin reparative carrier oil that helps to support cell rejuvenation and skin health. It is one herbal remedy that has come down through the ages as being an oil packed with molecules useful for topical application. or in a jar with a carrier oil the flowers steep into the oil forming a wonderful massage oil. It is a rich oil so needs to be diluted with other lighter carriers.
Sweet Almond OilSweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

£7.20 (1 KG)
Sweet almond oil is extracted by cold pressing the kernels of the almond nut. It is a pale yellow, slightly viscous and a little goes a long way. Sweet Almond oil (Prunus amygdalis var dulcis) contains many vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin E. It is an excellent emollient for the skin, soothing dry, irritated areas and relieves dry, itchy skin. General: Rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, squalene, glycosides and beta sitosterol which contribute to the soothing nourishing property of Almond oil. Spa: Use on normal to dry or mature skin types for excellent night time nourishing and rejuvenation. Slower absorption rate than other carriers through the skin and makes a perfect massage base. A good carrier for baby’s skin, for scalp massage and on baby’s bottom before putting nappies on. This oil acts as a good barrier oil for skin on the hands and body. Also found to reduce scar tissue formation, so almond oil is an essential carrier to formulate a night repair face and body serum. Product manufacturers: great for soap making as it creates a great lather. Creams and lotions use almond as a nourishing ingredient for the base and as an oil is great for balms and salves for dry or irritated skin types. A good addition to hair conditioners and body lotions. Culinary: Sweet almond oil is used in cooking and baking.
Castor OilCastor Oil

Castor Oil

£10.20 (1 KG)
Castor oil (Ricinis Communis) also known as Palma Christi or Hand of Christ. A historical marvel, Castor Oil originated out of Africa with records of its use dating back thousands of years to ancient Egypt. It has been a popular product among the cosmetic industry for ages. It is cold pressed, viscous with a slight odour and serves beautifully as a lubricator, and although thick is readily absorbed by the skin’s outer layers. It contains around 90% ricinoleic acid which unusually for a fatty acid mixes well with water. Spa: Castor makes an ideal base for essential oils. It can be used as a deep cleansing oil to remove deep dirt and cell debris. Product manufacturers: Its nature makes it a common ingredient in soaps making transparent soap bars, bath bomb and hair care products particularly shampoos.
Grapeseed OilGrapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil

£8.39 (1 KG)
An environmentally conscious product, Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera) is a by-product of the wine and juice industry. The oil is cold pressed from the seeds, light and virtually odourless although the organic varieties can be a darker green oil with a slight odour. High in Vitamin E, chlorophyll, packed with anti-oxidants and proanthocyanidin, this versatile oil supports and strengthens the collagen and elastin structures of the skin and joints. Grapeseed is full of Omega 6 fatty acid linoleic acid which allows this extremely light oil to penetrate  into the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the skin smooth. Spa: Grapeseed is an astringent oil and is known for its tightening and toning power to the skin and its underlying tissues, so is an excellent oil for slimming massage protocols. It is light and absorbs easily making it a lovely oil for oily or combination skin types. It can also be used as a light cleansing oil. Product Manufacturers: It is also a popular component in creams, lotions and shampoos as it is a relatively cheap component. Food and Drink: Grapeseed oil is used a lot in culinary arenas, making light flavoursome salad dressings and due to its high smoke point it is used when a high temperature for cooking is required.
Organic Argan OilOrganic Argan Oil

Organic Argan Oil

£60.00 (1 KG)
Botanical Name: Argania spinosa l. kernel oil It is one of the precious oil that extracted from Kernel fruit of Argan tree and second most common tree in the country. In Morocco it was traditionally used in cooking due to its rich aroma and health benefits and to treat skin and joint pain issues. Argan oil contains combination of Vitamin E and antioxidants property and other benefits for skin and hair care, health benefits .Even in the past decades some of the pharmaceutical companies successfully manufacture medicines for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure from Organic Argan oil. Cosmetic: Soothes rough skin; Revitalizes and hydrates dry & damaged skin; Restores shiny glow and tames frizz. Organic  Argan oil is great for taming dry and frizzy hair. Not only does it add sheen to your lack-lustre hair but also conditions and arms it against further damage. Spa: Its mild, non-greasy texture, Organic Argan oil is one of the best oils to massage with. Its caring properties aids skin repair as it softens and hydrates.
Organic Sunflower OilOrganic Sunflower Oil

Organic Sunflower Oil

£8.82 (1 KG)
Organic Sunflower Oil is highly stable and odourless. This makes it a perfect blend for other oils. Obtained by cold pressing, the oil today is equally popular in food and cosmetics industry. With essential fatty acids and Vitamins like A, D and E forming its core, Organic Sunflower Oil is nourishing for the body.
Camellia OilCamellia Oil

Camellia Oil

£24.00 (1 KG)
Cold pressed Camellia Oil (Camellia sinensis) also known as Tea Seed Oil is highly recommended for skin and hair care products. Known as Camellia sinensis, the plant grows in Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, China and Japan. It is extracted from the seeds by cold pressing, it is rich in Vitamin A,B E, Fatty acids, polyphenols, and oleic acid (80%). Product manufacturers: It has great penetration qualities with squalene nourishing and supporting the skin, reaching the roots of hair to provide nutrients improving hair strength and growth. For hair oils it can be used to take nutrients deeper down the hair shaft to maximise therapeutic effects for the hair root. For face creams use Camellia to take actives deeper into the layers of the skin where most needed. Spa: Camellia Oil is a popular component in face creams and hair care products and is an excellent hand and nail emollient. A light oil Camellia makes an excellent facial oil for massage or as a face serum mixed with other carrier and essential oils. It is astringent and does not clog pores. Pets: Make a fine spray to use after your pets bath, spray lightly over skin and fur and massage in, then brush well. Their coats will be shiny and healthy and any irritated skin conditions will improve.
Jojoba OilJojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

£16.50 (1 KG)
The evolution of Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis)has played a massive role in the preservation of whale lives. It was discovered as a substitute for sperm whale oil, putting a stop to killing whales for harvesting the oil. Not strictly an oil but a wax, produced via cold pressing, Jojoba Oil resembles the skin’s natural oil in sebum. Spa: Jojoba is readily absorbed and used by the skin to restructure, to act as a barrier preventing moisture loss without clogging the pores, and to balance the skin’s own sebum flow. It is a useful oil for promotion of a healthy skin particularly where congestion and over productive oiliness is a problem on the face. Jojoba due to its very makeup, supports a healthy acid mantle protective layer on the skin preventing bacterial imbalances. Due to these qualities, it is used extensively in hair and skincare products.  Product manufacturers: The thick butter is used in the production of creams, hand products and hair conditioners.
Organic Sesame OilOrganic Sesame Oil

Organic Sesame Oil

£16.79 (1 KG)
Oozing with great qualities for internal and external usage, Organic Sesame Oil has been a popular product for generations. Sesame seeds are rich in zinc, which aids in increasing skin elasticity and cell regeneration. It is also a popular antioxidant, and thus used in massages. The presence of high concentration of Vitamin D, B and E also make it popular in the creation of sun-care products. This organic oil is obtained by cold pressing.   
Sesame OilSesame Oil

Sesame Oil

£10.79 (1 KG)
Sesame seed (Sesamum indicum) oil is anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and readily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, it is able to transport nutrients and supportive actives to the fine circulatory vessels within the deeper skin. It is believed to have natural sun protection, to contain phytosterols Sesamol and Sesamin which act as preservatives, lignans which help balance sebum levels on the skin and high moisturising properties. Sesame oil contains Vitamins A, B E with calcium, magnesium and phosphorus supporting its mineral balance.  Food & Drink: The culinary oil is usually extracted for toasted sesame seeds, which is a heavier more aromatic oil which flavours salads and dishes and can be used for low temperature cooking. Spa:  The oil used in skin and haircare tends to be the non-toasted version which is less heavy and more readily absorbed by the skin with a mild aroma.  Antibacterial, calming and soothing for irritated skins and a superb foot oil dealing with common foot skin issues. Product manufacturers: Use for soap making by infusing the oil with herbal extracts and mixing with other carrier oils for balance.
Sunflower OilSunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower (Helianthus annus)named aptly after its orange flower maturing in the sun and is seen farmed in France, Spain and Italy. Named after the Greek term Helios meaning sun and Anthos meaning flower. You will notice that the flower “faces” all point in the same direction towards the morning sun. In ancient cultures the sunflower was a representation of the sun, the seeds being matured until black and harvested for food and the oil. There are many species of sunflower but high Oleic acid varieties are favoured. Sunflower oil is packed with goodness, Vitamins A, D, E, calcium, zinc, potassium and iron. Sunflower contains inulin supposed to help support asthma and a healthy respiratory system. Spa: This oil has a softening effect on the skin and is a great massage base as it is light but has the “slick” needed in massage therapy and it remains a less expensive carrier base. It is often used in baby massage due to being safe as a carrier oil (not a nut oil). Its softening effect makes sunflower an excellent oil to be used in foot products helping to reduce and prevent the hard skin on feet. Food & Drink: Most common oil used for cooking and is often hydrogenated into the solid butter/spread product. Light, low aroma profile with a high level of Vitamin E which protects the oil from oxidation, it therefore has a longer shelf life. Product manufacturers: Used in soap making as it is a mild oil with lots...
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