The base of sustainability is the ideal wholesome solution - to implement inspiring policies that can stimulate local economies, safeguard the health of the environment and humanity, and protect jobs while at the same time ensuring productive growth conditions.

At the core of this sustainable approach are three variables – people, economy, and most importantly, the environment. For the fragrance industry, this task can only be achieved through naturals. This process requires changes on the ground, starting with the farmers, who are at the foundation of the pyramid. Growth of local economies by hiring locally and increasing employment opportunities is a step towards the sustainability drive.

To reduce carbon footprint and contribute towards preserving the environment, options like agroforestry, reducing the negative impact on biodiversity, enhancing carbon

sequestration, organic certification, soil and water conservation need to be adopted. All these exercises lead to the ethical, consistent and secure supply of high-quality product.

There is a delicate balance to maintain between sustainability and the future of the natural oils industry. The biggest challenge is to sustainably produce an inherently unsustainable product. This is tough in relation to the constantly increasing consumer demand for raw materials. But an informed and responsible consumer base is pushing the naturals industry towards a sustainable path.

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