Red Champaca Absolute: Michelia Champaca
Red Champaca Absolute: Michelia Champaca
Red Champaca Absolute: Michelia Champaca

Red Champaca Absolute: Michelia Champaca

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    Champaca has several names linked to it namely Magnolia champaca, golden or orange champaka. It is related to the magnolia tree with similar looking flowers and is native to the Phillipines and Indonesia, although now also found in India, China and Reunion Island off Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Extracted from the flowers by solvent extraction, it has a heady, sweet exotic floral aroma which is similar to Tea rose and neroli.

    In India, the flowers are used for rituals and are linked to Lakshami one of the goddesses in Indian mythology.

    Perfumery: Due to its price and aroma profile this absolute is used high end perfumes and attars.

    Spa: in aromatherapy it is used for uplifting mood, as an aphrodisiac because of its exotic smell, to help support and soothe anxiety and stress and anger, it mellows high emotions. Not regularly used in aromatherapy due to cost, but in Clinical therapies it is used to calm and ground high energy anxieties. It is an emollient for the skin, son a great facial oil for facial blends or nourishing creams.

    General: Can be used to enhance the environment in sick rooms and work places. Use in diffusing blends for positivity, self esteem and confidence and can be used as drops in baths, footbaths and on compresses as well. Do not use during pregnancy as it is an emmenagogue (Stimulates blood flow in the womb).

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