Rose Absolute: Rosa Damascena
Rose Absolute: Rosa Damascena
Rose Absolute: Rosa Damascena

Rose Absolute: Rosa Damascena

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    Also known Damask Rose or Ros Otto, this rose believed to be originally from the Orient in what was then Persia, although now the rose is grown in  Bulgaria (most sought after and prized), Turkey, Morocco, France, Italy and China. The roses are picked early in the morning by hand between the hours of 5-10 to maximise the oil yield.

    General: There are 3 products the distilled essential oil, a concrete and an absolute which is solvent extracted from the concrete. Here we discuss the absolute which is the solvent extracted oil, an yellowy orange or brownish viscous oil with warm, floral, deeply rosy aroma profile with a sweet honey like finish. As with a lot of flowers Rose is most often associated with love. Rose oil is most complexed with many hundreds of chemicals comprising this oil some of which have yet to be defined.

    Perfumery: Prized in ancient civilisations the scent of the rose became synonymous  with the symbol of feminity, love and motherhood. Universally loved by men and women, rose absolute features in many fragrances blending so well with most other oils and plant extracts. The floral water/distillate from the steam distilled oil is one of the most popular and is used often in culinary  products and foods particularly in India and the Middle Eastern cultures. Used in soaps, facial creams, toiletries for the bath, it is also a favourite for household products such as pot pourri, room sprays and diffusing concentrates.

    Food and drink: Rose is used in chocolate making as well as its floral water, to flavour chocolates and Middle Eastern desserts. Can also be infused in flavour profiles for artisan spirits such as gins and vodkas

    Spa: Rose is so widely loved and used in the Spa, cosmetics industry, not just to fragrance therapy rooms through diffusion but added to body lotions, shower gels, body oils and even natural soap bars which are becoming increasingly more popular.

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