Lemon Oil (Italian)
Lemon Oil (Italian)
Lemon Oil (Italian)

Lemon Oil (Italian)

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    Latin name: Citrus Limon

    There are many varieties of Lemon cultivated, and is related to lime, bergamot and cedrat. Lemon grows wild in the Mediterranean, in Spain and Portugal and is also cultivated in Sicily, Italy, Cyprus, Israel and USA. Here we refer to the Italian lemon. The oil is extracted by cold expression of the peel and has a fresh, astringent sharp citrus aroma. Astringent, diuretic, highly antibacterial, lemon oil has a high level of limonene which contributes to its antiseptic, refreshing mood improving, tonic to the immune system. Lemon aroma lifts mood and is said to help overcome mental fatigue. Its sharp note is said to also help with focus and concentration.

    General: Native to South east China. It is believed that Columbus took lemon seeds to the West Indies in 1493. Lemon trees produce fruit all the year around and are an important contributor to many industries. In ancient times, mariners took lemons on their voyages to keep away scurvy, due to their high Vitamin C content. An excellent diffusing oil in sickrooms and offices to prevent “Bugs” from spreading. The Italian source especially Sicilian lemon gives a wonderful rounded, almost cooked lemon meringue note which is loved by perfumers.

    Spa: Used for diffusing creating a refreshing, uplifting citrus aroma. In Massage blends, it helps to tone the lymphatic system, reducing fluid build up and swelling, acting also on local circulatory vessels to tone capillaries and smaller veins.

    Cosmetics: As an astringent oil, lemon is used for oily, combination and problematic skin types and has sebum reducing qualities so great for teenage skin products. As an antimicrobial oil it is useful to add to balms and creams for its action in the reparative process of the skin. Used in body and bath products, hair products, soaps, candles and diffusing blends.

    Food &Drinks: Lemon is used extensively in desserts, baking and in soft drinks. The Drinks industry use the fruit a lot, but the oil is used for flavouring cocktails and for botanical additions to new artisan spirits.

    Perfumery:  Contributing a sharp, citrus note to eau- de- colognes, light summery eau- de- toilettes and both male and female perfumes.

    Household Goods:  Lemon is used in multiple household cleaning fluids and room sprays, furniture polishes.
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