Lemongrass Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass Oil

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    Latin Name: Cymbopogon Citratus

     A grass that is heavily scented with lemon aroma also known as West Indian or Guatemalan lemongrass. The plant is widely cultivated but the citratus variety tends to come from Guatamala, Madagascar, Brazil, Malaysia and Vietnam and is thought to be native to Sri Lanka. Lemongrass oil is steam distilled from the fresh or slightly dried long thin leaves. The oil has a strong, green, grassy, citrus odour with an earthy undertone. Lemongrass gives an exotic tropical aroma note to massage blends, fragrances and in culinary dishes.

    General: Used in traditional Asian medicine for fighting infections  and fevers. Research has found a calming, sedating effect on the Nervous system making this a good oil for stressful conditions and for general relaxation. Antiseptic, mood improving, refreshing, revitalising, relaxing, antimicrobial and a good anti-oxidant. A general toning oil to body and mind. In TCM, the oil is used to soothe digestive disorders, while in India the leaves were macerated into water to create an invigorating hair rinse and a toilet water(EDT) splash. Like it citrus counterpart lemon, it makes a medicinal diffusing blend with eucalyptus, peppermint, niaouli and rosemary.

    Food & Drinks: Widely used in soft drinks, cocktails (use of the stem of the lemongrass as a stirrer), alcoholic drinks and in Asian foods particularly Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.

    Perfumery: Lemongrass adds a fresh, green tropical note to fragrances and is often used in this industry. Lemongrass oil is often used to isolate Citral and can be used to stretch or adulterate expensive oils such as Melissa or Lemon verbena.

    Cosmetics/Toiletries: This oil is used in soaps, body lotions, bath and body products and some skincare. Lemongrass also like citronella and other essential oils makes a good addition to insecticidal sprays or lotions. Caution required as this oil may cause dermal irritation if used in too high percentages.

    Spa: For Tropical Signature Fragrances used to create inviting relaxing reception areas in spas. Used extensively in massage blends for toning slack tissue, stimulating localised circulation making great sports massage oil, contributing to slimming body treatments and as a mental tonic to relax and restore supportive of exhaustion due to stressful conditions. Lemongrass has a deep cleansing edge to it which combined with its deodorising properties makes it a great foot treatment oil in the spa. Add to footbaths, foot massage creams and lotions and foot sprays.
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