Rosemary Oil
Rosemary Oil
Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil

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    A popular Asian and Mediterranean herb, Rosemary Oil is extracted from Rosmarinus Officinalis. The oil is extracted from the leaves, flowers and twigs through steam distillation.   Rosemary has a strong, refreshing, cleansing herbaceous aroma profile with a hint of wood in its base note. 1,8-cineole levels are important in rosemary. The name comes from the Latin Ros meaning dew, marinus meaning sea, referring to its habit of growing wild close to the sea. A relatively easy plant to grow in many countries, known to be used for medicinal qualities and in some cultures old and new as a symbol of negativity and death, sprigs of the herb being enclosed in coffins to ward off evil and assist in the safe passage to the other world.

    General:  Rosemary Oil is popular in culinary circles, and also has immense health benefits. Its stimulating effects contribute to strong healthy hair growth, increasing blood flow to hair roots and scalp making rosemary a popular ingredient for shampoos and hair tonics. Cleansing to the respiratory organs, it breaks down mucus conditions in the nose, throat and chest so is often used in cough sweets or decongestant inhalers within the pharmaceutical arenas.

    Spa: Refreshing, uplifting stimulating and clearing to the brain making Rosemary a great oil for focus and study. This property helps with warming up muscles for exercise and as well as draining post exercise lactic acid; making it an ideal addition to massage blends for warming up muscles prior to exercise or as a deep cleansing detox post exercise. Decongesting, antiseptic, deep cleansing properties make rosemary a good face oil for combination, oily problem skin conditions. Great to add to cleansing routines, facial serums and refreshing facial spritzers.

    Perfumery: used in soaps, colognes and in bath and shower products,

    Culinary: Probably one of the top family favourite herbs used in the kitchen.

    Be careful of use around people suffering from convulsions, epilepsy and thunder headaches. Do not use during pregnancy due to circulatory stimulation and camphor content.

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