Citronella Oil Java
Citronella Oil Java
Citronella Oil Java

Citronella Oil Java

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  • Type: Essential Oil
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  • Description

    Latin Name: Cymbopogon winterianus

    Intensely refreshing, lemon scented grasses which grow in tropical climates with a root system that can withstand droughts and allow growth in a variety of soil conditions. The long, narrow leaves of the grass are steam distilled to give a sweet, powerfully lemony aroma. The Java citronella has a stronger lemon note than the Sri Lankan citronella and as both grow prolifically this oil is relatively cheap to produce.

    Perfumery: Traditionally used for its fragrance in perfumes and colognes, it is also used for fragrancing many household products. Often used to adulterate Rose and Geranium oils due to its geraniol content.

    Cosmetics & toiletries: used in soaps and lemon fragranced products for its cheapness and is also used for its anti-insecticide properties in sprays, candles and other deterrent products. Citronella is antiseptic but can overwhelm a product with its fragrance, so use this oil sparingly. Not often used in aromatherapy, but when used its uplifting refreshing aroma revives nervous exhaustion.

    Methyl Eugenol content will dictate the use of this oil on the skin.

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