Eucalyptus Horistes Oil
Eucalyptus Horistes Oil
Eucalyptus Horistes Oil

Eucalyptus Horistes Oil

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    Latin Name: Eucalyptus Kochii

    Eucalyptus Horistes is a smaller tree with a canopy of leaves and branches native to Western Australia. It has a grey smooth bark with fibrous rough bark at the base of the tree. The oil has a typical eucalyptus aroma with a strong, refreshing, zingy camphoraceous note, and is steam distilled from the leaves. It is also known as Eucalyptus Borealis and has a high level of 1,8-Cineole in the oil, therefore it is considered to have powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial and insecticidal properties.

    General: A stimulating, deodorising oil used for air purifiers, refreshing pot pourri, insect repellent sprays.

    Food and Drink: Used for flavouring baked goods, confectionary and beverages due to its spicy cooling taste.

    Cosmetics/Toiletries: used in creams and lotions for its cooling minty smell. Makes a good anti-mosquito spray or body oil diluted with fractionated coconut carrier  oil.

    Pharmaceutical: due to its powerful medicinal properties it is often used in cough syrups to suppress coughs, in mouthwashes, for nasal inhalation and in throat lozenges.

    Spa: Generally used like other Eucalyptus oils but due to its high cineole content it makes great blends to support the respiratory system and the skin, and its cooling sensation makes this an ideal oil for muscular and joint support post exercise.

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