Geranium Oil (Egyptian)
Geranium Oil (Egyptian)
Geranium Oil (Egyptian)

Geranium Oil (Egyptian)

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    Latin Name: Pelargonium Graveolens

    It is believed that Geraniums originated in South Africa, but were then taken and introduced to European countries where the plants are cultivated extensively. Geraniums appear as the signature plant with flowers in many Mediterranean destinations. Cultivation and hybridisation of the original plants occurred, and geraniums are now cultivated for the oils in many countries of the World namely Reunion (known for the Bourbon Geranium), China which is similar to the Bourbon, Egypt and Morocco which yields a very different oil. Geranium oil is steam distilled from the leaves and stems of Pelargonium graveolens plant. The oil has a yellow, slightly green oil but has a beautiful sweet rosy, herbaceous aroma profile used often to extend the rose note in blends and perfumes. Softer and rounder inn profile than the Bourbon Geranium  which has a more pronounced leafy rosy scent. The Bourbon variety is still considered to be the best in its species, however it depends on what it is used for.

    General: Geraniums are referred to in many ancient scripts, Discorides mentioned it in Materia Medica, the Romans used them, and it appears in Culpeper’s Herbal remedy book. In olden times it was used medicinally to soothe the smooth muscle of the digestive system, now it is known for different therapeutic effects across a number of industries. 

    Spa: Geranium oil is to balance oiliness in oily combination and problem skin types, it has diuretic properties which makes it a valuable decongesting addition to slimming body treatments, helping to remove built up fluids in the tissues accumulated on specific areas of the body such as the ankles and hip area. Uplifting to the mood, Geranium imparts a balancing effect on blends to reduce tension and mental stress, it is astringent, a tonic and a good antiseptic. Geranium has a haemostatic effect on the skin’s minor circulation making it useful for maintaining a healthy skin circulation and supporting bruising conditions. It has antiseptic, antibacterial properties.

    Perfumery: Geranium is used a lot to add a rosy floral note to a perfume, in fact often used to stretch the rose note as rose oils are notoriously expensive, making it more tenacious in a blend. Geranium can overwhelm a perfume, so little is more, it blends well with most oil categories.

    Cosmetics & Toiletries: Used extensively as a fragrance for soaps, creams lotions.

    Mental Health: As part of a blend with other supportive oils for diffusing Geranium ‘s pleasant oil has a regulating effect on excessive stress, tension and mood swings bringing everything back into balance supporting and comforting the user. A superb support for women’s cyclic mood fluctuations and fluid retention.

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