Lavandin Oil
Lavandin Oil
Lavandin Oil

Lavandin Oil

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    Latin Name: Lavandula hybrida var grosso

    Native to the mountains of Southern France and is now cultivated in Spain, Yugoslavia, Hungary and South America. It is a cross between True Lavender and Spike Lavender with larger vigorous plants with bigger flowering tops that have a higher yield of oil. It is extracted from the steam distillation of the flowering tops, yielding a pale yellow oil with a rich camphoraceous top note and woody, herbaceous base. It has a less floral note than Lavandin Super.

    General: Lavandin gives a higher yield than true Lavender. Mainly used in the cosmetics and perfumery industries.

    Spa: Used in the same manner to true Lavender but due to its deeper penetration and warming, stimulating properties it is an ideal oil to support the respiratory, circulatory or muscular systems.

    Perfumery: Used extensively in Perfumes, eau de toilettes and eau de colognes. Used in soaps, candles, as dried flowers and in household cleaning goods, detergents and room sprays.


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