Pine Oil
Pine Oil
Pine Oil

Pine Oil

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    Latin Name: Pinus Sylvestris

    Also known as Scotch Pine, Norway Pine or Forest Pine. Extracted from the needles, young twigs and some cones as this yields the safest oil for use therapeutically. The heartwood of the tree is used to produce Turpentine. Mentioned in many folklore and ancient herbal medicinal practices, pine shoots were used added to baths to soothe wounds, stimulate sluggish circulation and everyday aches and pains in joints. Said to be used by Native American Indians to add to mattress fillings to ward away fleas and bed mites. Pine oil’s main use is in the maintenance of a healthy respiratory system and after long illnesses as a support to the immune system and for its uplifting, clearing aroma.

    General: Pine is known to be antimicrobial, antiseptic, decongesting and restorative. It deodorises so is often used in household cleaning products and room sprays.Pine oil has a strong, balsamic turpentine aroma note.

    Spa: The oil is used with others such as Eucalyptus to add to saunas for its refreshing cleansing note. It is often added to muscular liniments and body blends to support muscular activity by stimulating the circulation of the blood and lymphatics, oxygenating fatigued muscles and removing the by-products of exercise. As a tonic to the respiratory system, to the kidneys and nervous system it is a under rated oil in therapy and this could be because of its over use in household cleaning products. A warming, drying oil it can be used in blends dry out mucous conditions and support a healthy recovery from illness.

    Pharmaceutical: extensively used in preparations for coughs and colds, nasal inhalation for decongesting, in muscular liniments and sprays. Used also in household cleaning fluids and detergents, furniture waxes and air fresheners.

    Cosmetics & toiletries: Used in bath and body products and soaps.

    Perfumery: Limited use in perfumery.

    Food & Drinks: Pine is used as a flavouring agent in food, alcoholic drinks and some soft drinks.
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