Pink/Red Grapefruit Oil
Pink/Red Grapefruit Oil
Pink/Red Grapefruit Oil

Pink/Red Grapefruit Oil

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    Pink/red grapefruit oil is very similar in properties to the white grapefruit oil although pink is more commonly found due to its demand as fruit in the juice industry. The pink grapefruit oil has a sweeter top note than its white counterpart, but grapefruit oils generally recognised for their uplifting, mood improving, stress reducing properties across a wide sector of industries. Like most cold expressed citrus oils, Grapefruit oil has phototoxic effects on the skin in the presence of strong sunlight.

    General: Extracted from the peel by cold expression, this is a pale yellow oil. In the 18th century, Grapefruit was named the “Forbidden Fruit” and in Barbados it is still considered of one their “Seven Wonders”. In the 19th century it was renamed Grapefruit due to its clusters of fruit on branches which looked similar to clusters of grapes.

    Spa/Skincare: pink grapefruit is like the white variety, a popular choice as a detoxification oil. It is great in muscular blends to soothe muscle fatigue and stiffness post exercise. As with the white oil, in facial treatments this oil helps with congested, oily and problem skin types, supports rosemary in stimulating healthy hair growth and is a general skin tonic.

    Food & Drinks: More popular than the white fruit for its juice and flavouring in foods, soft drinks and spirit cordials.

    Mental Health: Grapefruit as with most citrus oils has very uplifting, mood improving revitalising refreshing aroma properties and is a great oil in combination with bergamot and comforting oils such as Neroli, Jasmine or Rose to create support pulse point blends or as a diffuser blend at home , work or play.

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