White Grapefruit Oil
White Grapefruit Oil
White Grapefruit Oil

White Grapefruit Oil

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    Latin Name: Citrus Paradisi

    White Grapefruit oil is extracted by cold expression of the peel of the fruit. The oil has a citrus aroma profile less sharp than lemon, sweeter more rounded retaining a refreshing citrus burst that blends with other citrus oils, florals, spices and woods. Cultivated in USA, Brazil and Africa where it is grown for its juice. The white grapefruit oil is believed to have a higher aldehyde content and is less volatile (does not evaporate as fast) than the pink or red variety. The grapefruit note is supposedly from the nootkatone molecule on the chemical make-up and this has strong insecticidal properties especially against mosquitoes and ticks. Grapefruit is a high source of Limonene and its antimicrobial actions are similar to Lemon although its aroma profile is softer and sweeter.

    General: Astringent, antiseptic, diuretic and a general all round tonic. It is known to be stimulating to the lymphatic system hence reducing fluid build up in the body and promotes a healthy digestive system cleansing and detoxifying. Uplifting for the mood, antiseptic, disinfecting and a tonic to the body. Great for diffusing in the home to add a cheerful note that eases the stress and tensions of the day.

    Food & Drinks: Grapefruit oil is often used for flavouring soft drinks and by mixologists in the creation of citrus more exotic cocktails. Used in culinary arenas in desserts.

    Spa: Its antiseptic and toning qualities make this a perfect oil to add to body treatments for stimulating the lymphatics, removing excess body fluids and stimulating digestive processes. In skincare this oil is a beautiful cleansing, decongesting addition to face blends for oily and combination skins, its antiseptic properties balancing bacterial presence and removing excess sebum. Add to body oils for its insecticidal properties to fend off insects such as mosquitoes and in particular ticks (Lyme Disease).

    Veterinary: Grapefruit can be used in very dilute quantities to prevent flea and tick infestations, but refer to suppliers as animals are very sensitive to essential oils.

    Perfumery: White grapefruit is used frequently in high end fragrances for its gentle citrus twist in floral, exotic and male fragrances. It blends with most aroma family categories. Also used in candles, soap, bath and body products.

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